Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Beyond the podcast Jarvy is working on the "TAKE ME OUT OF THIS LIFE AND GIVE ME A NEW START" project. Jarvy believes this project to be the most important thing he has ever done in his lifetime. Do you ever wish for a way out? Out of the daily grind of getting up every morning and going to the same old job, with the same old rush hour traffic, and the same old co-workers who say the same old thing every day of your shitty life? YOU DO?.....Well Jarvy wanted a way out too and buying a course from Carlton Sheets on "No Down Payment Real Estate" did not do the trick....all it did was give Carlton Sheets another $500 toward his way out.....and beleive me when I say he is so far out, you can't even see him! (or something like that)
Jarvy does have have a plan......
The Plan.
Jarvy is writing the greatest rock and roll screenplay of all time. How many baby booomers are out there, who would love a movie about a kid from the early 70's who has a dream to become a Rockstar and then does fullfill the dream and becomes the worlds biggest Rock Star. This movie will be the "Rocky" of rock and roll movies......only better.
Stay tuned for previews and outlines of the movies plot. The working title is "1973"

jarvy 03-29-06

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