Saturday, October 14, 2006

BOY!!! Those were the days!!!

BOY!!! Those were the days!!!
Man I never thought I would say that....but....The 9 to 5 (in reality 7 am to 6 pm) grind is really starting to wear on me......especially when I look in the mirror.....ugh!!!! What happened??? See that Stud with the long blonde hair and Ray-Bans.....(in the pic of my old group "The Mitch Ryder Band"). Now that guy used to pull a few "Birds" (as our English friends so perfectly like to describe our conuterparts).
Anyway...the work a-day Johnny thing is getting even older than I am :)
I have been working diligently on "The Screenplay" and I am finally making some headway. Stay Tuned...I will call you from HollywoodLand.......Billy

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