Friday, July 18, 2008

American Star Screenplay Complete!

The screenplay is done and I am on to the next step....selling the screenplay. Of course this is all new to me and trying to get someone to read your work, when you don't have an agent is a nearly impossible task. But, we don't like the word "impossible"! Nothing is impossible is you really want it. I know that sounds like New Age gobbly goop...but I really do believe it. If you study up on the people who achieved their dreams, the story is always the same. It is about someone who doesn't give up and never let's the word "NO" stop them from their quest.

And my quest is to get this movie made. I seriously believe that my only real option is going to making the movie myself. The new age of technology has effected the Indie Film business maybe like no other field in the world. I can equate it with the Recording Studio Biz. 10 years ago, you either needed 1/2 of a million dollars (or more) to obtain the needed equipment to make a real professional recording. Or be able to pay $200 an hour to rent a studio. Today you can make that same recording with all the "Right Gear" on your laptop with $1000 worth of software. And that's not an exaggeration!! Now just because you have the right equipment, that dose not mean that you automatically know how to use it and it's the same thing with the film biz. Even with the right equipment, you still need talent and experience to be able to use it correctly.

I have a website for my film company, "Dakota One Films". I have put up a short trailer/teaser for the movie. It's only a flash slide show, but it will give you an idea what kind of movie I want to make. If you know anyone who would be interested in either looking at the script or investing in an Indie Movie Project, please direct them to the site. I really appreciate it!

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