Sunday, November 09, 2008

RED is the Color of Change

The new Red Scarlet is going to be unveiled in 4 days. Last year at NAB, Red Digital Cinema showcased the long-awaited Scarlet, a compact model capable of shooting 3K video for under $3,000. Film and video enthusiasts flooded the show floor, clawing to catch a glimpse of the Scarlet's rectangular upright body and unconventional architecture. The Scarlet is equipped with a new 2/3-inch Mysterium sensor and supports 1-120fps with a 180fps burst mode. The Scarlet can capture video up to 100Mbps in REDCODE Raw format and RGB recording to dual compact flash.

"Considering the performance and the price of Scarlet, it's going to have a huge range of customers, from the soccer moms to the indie filmmakers," stated Ted Schilowitz, Leader of the Rebellion at Red Digital Cinema.

Red's latest compact addition has a 4.8-inch LCD screen, 8x optical zoom lens, and full Auto or Manual shooting modes. The Scarlet's connectivity includes HDMI, HD-SDI, FireWire 800, and USB 2.0. Many of the accessories from the Red One are compatible with the Scarlet.

The Digital Film Making community has waited almost a year for the release of this amazing camera. And after the release of the Red Camera, no one doubted this was going to change everything. Just when you think you know what to expect, Red goes and changes everything. They annouced ( a few months ago) that The Scarlet was going back in for a complete redesign and to just try and imagine the most awesome camera in the world and it will be even better than that. Well the time has come and on November 13th, we will finally know what the new Scarlet is all about. I don't think that I have ever seen so much web activity about a new product than I have about this camera. If it trulely does provide 3K video in a small handheld package and cost $3000, it will change the whole industry. I have been saving my pennies and will be ready on the 13th to put in my order. Will you?

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