Sunday, June 20, 2010

If you wonder why Iggy is the King...Well Here Ya Go Kids

This video from back when Iggy had just released his 1979 album "New Values' his record which had reunited Iggy with Raw Power guitarist James Williamson,who he had not played with since they made Kill City (right after The Stooges had broken up). Also, the album reunited Pop and Williamson with multi-instrumentalist Scott Thurston, who had played live piano for The Stooges (1973 and 4) and also played on Kill City. For real Iggy fanatics, New Values is known as one of his best solo efforts. And as you can see in this interview, he never did have much patients for condescending (in quotes) journalists. But in the lip-sync's all attitude and there is nothin phony about it. For most of the performance, he doesn't even bother trying to pretend like the mike is for he just disregards it........ You gotta love him!!!


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