Friday, June 18, 2010


Finally my favorite band of all time is getting what they deserve! RESPECT!!
Not only were the Stooges inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but they have also just re-released the most important rock and roll album of all time, Raw Power. Growing up in the Detroit suburbs, it was kinda cool to know that you had your own little secret about a band that not only understood whar Rock was about, but more important...... really understood YOU....a 13 year kid you couldn't fit in. And isn't that what R&R is suppose to be about. What is even more amazing is now after all these years you learn that there were little pockets of teenagers all over the world,that understood this great band...and many of those misfits turned out tobe rock ledgends them selves and were meant to carry on the torch.(ie: The Ramones, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, and the list just goes on and on) Sony Legacy Music has rereleased Raw Power in 2 different packages. One with both mixes, the original Bowie mix and then the later re-mix which Iggy did himself. It seems after all these years of Bowie's mix tking the hard hits, it has now turned around and some of the 'experts" are saying that Iggy's remix lost some of the original magic of the record.
Here is what you get wit hthe Deluxe Edition:
  • Original 1973 David Bowie / Iggy Pop mix of Raw Power
  • One-hour+ of audio rarities, outtakes, & alternatives from the Raw Power era
  • Georgia Peaches, an 8-song, one-hour performance at Atlantas notorious rock club Richards in October 1973
  • Deluxe 48pg photo / essay book
  • Five exquisite 5x7 Raw Power prints
  • Japanese pic-sleeve 7 vinyl single (Raw Power / Search And Destroy)
  • Brand new Making of Raw Power documentary

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