Thursday, August 19, 2010

THE HANDCUFFS / Rock from Chicago!

The Handcuffs are a Rock and Roll band from Chicago Illinois. And believe me when I say they put "THE BIG R" in Rock and Roll! I discovered this cool duo by happening to catch the "The Main Vain" behind "The Handcuffs", Mr. Brad Elvis playing drums with my friends, THE ROMANTICS, last weekend at an outdoor concert in downtown Detroit. And he was unbelievable. Not only does he hit as hard as any drummer that I've ever seen, he also is the consummate showman! From my investigation of him on the net, I would say he is something of a musical legend in Chicago. In the past, leading 2 important Chicago groups, "The Elvis Brothers" and "Big Hello".......... with Big Hello having released three critically acclaimed CDs, played hundreds of shows and received airplay on college and commercial radio all over the globe. It was at this time that Brad recruited "Chanteuse", Chloe F. Orwell as lead singer of Big Hello. Later.... Brad and Chloe went on to form The Handcuffs. The Handcuffs have officially released two albums, recorded with Mike Hagler (Wilco, the Pulsars, Neko Case, the Mekons) at Kingsize Sound in Chicago and are putting the finishing touches on their third release as you read this. There are many reasons as to why YOU NEED to check out this band......But the "JARVY JAZZ" gives you only "One Good Reason". "IT'S THE REAL THING" These 2 amazing artists do not seem to care about what is "in vogue" and what is not! They are only interested in making good music and not being afraid to try and explore new and different genres and soundscapes.
Jarvy' 8.19.2010

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