Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Will Owsley....Gone but not Forgotten

I had been thinking about Will Owsley one night while surfing the web....and thought I would Google him.....to see what he was up to. Here is what is really sad....One of my favorite musicians of all time was gone and I never even new anything about it. Will was definitely an "Insider's Musician" but what a loss to the music world.... and the fact that most people have no idea who he was.....is a REAL Tragedy!

Will Owsley died April 30, 2010 at Williamson County Hospital in Franklin, Tennessee; he was 44. The Tennessean reported the cause of death as "an apparent suicide.

I loved his first album, entitled "Owsley" I think one of the great Power Pop albums of all time. If you can find this CD....BUY IT!

With the money he earned working with Amy Grant and Shania Twain, he bought a house in Green Hills, Tennessee and in it built a home recording studio.In 1998, it led to the release of his self-titled solo album on Not Lame Recordings. It was co-produced by Millard Powers and Jeff Balding. Doug Morris of Universal Music Group picked it and proposed the album to be rerecorded, but Owsley insisted that it simply needed to be remixed by either Tom Lord-Alge, Bob Clearmountain or Andy Wallace. Tom Lord-Alge signed on,together with J.R. McNeely. The eponymous album Owsley got re-released on March 23, 1999 under Giant Records.

Recorded almost entirely on a vintage Studer 2-inch 16-track tape machine in his home studio on Hobbs Road in Nashville, Tennessee, it garnered him a Grammy Award nomination for Best Engineered Album. The album would be labeled one of the best pop records of the '90s.
RIP....Will. I will miss you!

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