Friday, February 23, 2007

Screenplayer is on the MOVE!!!

The new screenplay is finally taking shape. I have re-written it about 20 plus times and I finally feel as if I am getting it right. My new working title is "American Star". This was also the title of a rock opera I wrote with my band back in the late 70's. I had a great mentor and manager, who's name was Tom Conner. Tom had the idea to turn the rock opera into an Animated Film. We actually had a script and had it story boarded ......the whole movie. We just could never find the financial backing. So now in honor of Tom and my late friend Rick (who was the artist, who drew all the characters), I am naming my live action Rock Movie.....with the same title. Believe it or not....I did a search on the web and American Star has never been used as a theatrical release. I need to copy write it soon.....Especially since I have announced on my ever popular Blog. (I'm kidding, I do wish knew more about how to direct people to my blog)......There is something else that i have been doing a lot of thinking about.......The MAC vs. The PC. I actually started out as an APPLE guy. My first real computer (after my Atari 800) was a MAC SE. I loved that computer. But somehow along the most.....I turned to the PC. In the beginning it was a lot about "software" .....there just wasn't a lot of great software for the Apple platform back in the 70's. But now.......WOW...HOW CAN YOU NOT FALL IN LOVE WITH THE IMAC. What a marvel of technology. From the hardware all the way to the MAC operating system / OS X Tiger. I think it's time again.......Let me know what your thoughts are on the PC with the new Vista vs. IMAC.

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