Tuesday, March 06, 2007

James Bonds Computer/Communicator


I have always had a thing for miniature things. It all started when I was 9 years old. I actually have one of my only real memories from that age. In fact it could be my first real memory as a child. I have a lot stories from my older brother and sister about my childhood, but to actually say I remember anything from age 9 would probably be a (white) lie. (Why are they white lies and not black lies or red lies…..does that come from a middle class up-bringing?) Anyway….. back to my memory and the beginning of my obsession with miniature everything. I went to a marine supply store, which was a store which sold boats and accessories for anything to do with boating. That is where a saw my first Sony TV. It was the 5 inch, model 5-303W. I don’t actually remember the model number, I know this because I have been collecting these TV’s and buying them off EBAY. It was a technical marvel. There was no other TV even close to being that small in 1963. It also was the start of my love for anything Sony. So when Sony released its first handheld PC, the U50 was released in 2004, I was immediately infatuated and wanted one bad! But at $2200 and a touch-screen, but no keyboard, it was a little steep for my pocketbook. The OQO model 01 came out about the same time and did have a slide out qwerty keyboard. The OQO-01 was an amazing little computer, but again, at $2K plus, was it worth the money. As technology marches forward, there now are 2 real choices regarding the new category called; Ultra Mobile Personal Computer (UMPC) They come from Sony and OQO, and if you are in the market for a true Windows (Vista) based computer that can truly be carried in your (Coat??) pocket (well maybe not your pocket, but certainly your pocketbook….especially after the money that’s removed to pay for one of these beauties), you should check out these babies.

Even though I have professed my love for Sony, in this case I am going to buy the OQO-02. And probably for all the wrong (technical) reasons. But mostly because it looks more like a communicator from a sci-fi movie!

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