Saturday, July 07, 2007


Where the hell did these guys come from. I have heard the name "Whitestarr" quite a few times over the last 5 years....and usually connected to the fact that a couple of the band members have famous parents. That alone....usually throws up the red flags....and that is why I have not ever pursued finding out more about them. The second thing that comes to mind is I remember something about them being LA's most famous unsigned anyway....I somehow happened across this band in my web browsing and holy shit....these guys ROCK! And not only do they rock, they are concerned about all the right things....girls, girls, hot cars and having a good time....isn't that what rock was supposed to be about? So from what I understand, there is a reality show coming out about the band called "THE ROCK LIFE" ON VH1 AUGUST 6th. On their MySpace page, there is a tralier and it looks awesome! So I can't write this blog without mentioning that the lead singer is the first real rock and roll character I've seen in 20 years.....Cisco Adler is an amazing singer and front man, but more importantly.....he comes off as a normal guy....a really hard thing to pull we all know, especially those of us who have played in rock bands..... the dreaded LSD (lead singer disease) is almost a given. So eventhough I said the famous parents thing was a red flag, I can't expect you..... not to want to know. So here is the heritage line... Cisco Adler, is the son of the legendary Lou (founder of Dunhill and Ode Records, producer of the Mamas & the Papas, Johnny Rivers, and Carole King). Their lead guitarist is Dickie Betts Jr., son of the Allman Brothers Band guitarist. And if that weren't enough, their drummer is Alex Orbison, son of the late, great Roy. Should be some talent there somewhere...huh?? Check them out!!!

Whitestarr ROCKS!!! jarvy 7-7-7

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