Saturday, September 01, 2007

Rock of Ages / Jarvys Cafe' #4

Jarvys Cafe Podcast #4
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Jarvy changes the format for show #4. One of the driving forces behind this podcast, has been Jarvy's need to let the world know (especially the 40 to 50 year old Baby Boomers) that even though it appears as if there is nothing but pure shit for music in todays market place, if you do allitle digging (and digging is now so easy with a computor and an Internet Connection) you can find an amazing amount of great rock and roll being made...... and made by todays youth. Rock IS NOT's just hiding in plain sight. So the cafe is turning you on to a few of Jarvy's new favs..... In this episode, he covers:

The Answer ....great blues rockers from England
Electric Mary .... Austraila's new version of a tried and true formula
Hell n' Diesel ....... Sweden circa> 1978
The 1990's ....... Englands new pop rockers
The Long Blondes ......Another English import....but with the correct influences...The Ramones, The Buzzcocks, and Velvets

He also starts the show with Danko Jones....My Baby Hates Me. Possibly one the all time great rock records. You've got to hear this one!!


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