Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's Time To Talk about the Greatest Band That Never Happened

Oh they happened, but they surely never met their potential. What's most amazing is that you put on Bellybutton in 2008 and it still sounds better than any powerpop rock record of today. How did it happen that Jellyfish never happened like it was suppose to? Well there are a number o reasons, I'm sure....but probably the best reason was that the timing was wrong. in the early 90's is was all about Grunge and not about guys in funny hats. That was probably a bad move.....looking back. The image they were trying to portray was all wrong. Ans it didn't have anything to do with the music. So at this point you are saying to yourself.....What is Jarvy talking about....has he lost it? This blog and podcast is about Detroit rock and other straight up rock and roll...isn't it? Well is but I thought it was time to come out and tell you this is my favorite band (at least of my adult life....the MC5 and The Stooges were my childhood bands). You have to go to Itunes or better yet....go to Amazon and buy one of the only {2} studio albums. Bellybutton or Spilt Milk. I promise you...if you love a great production and a good melody in your rock, you won't be disappointed. The keyboard player and one of the 2 main writers is still making music and has a great website. His name is Roger Manning Jr. The other musical genius is Andy Strummer. The singer and writer with Roger. Andy is not as active as Roger in todays internet world of music....but his is still doing a couple of projects. One really cool project that he sang on is: L.E.O. a take of on ELO of the 70's one of the precursors to powerpop. And of course the ELO was influence by the original Powerpop band....the Beatles. Theres also a brand new double tribute album for Jellyfish fans call ed Sensory Lullabies. It's a pretty cool CD of current bands doing Jellyfish songs. So stay tuned for Jarvy's next Podcast.......all about guess got it....Jellyfish.

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