Monday, February 18, 2008


Ok...a podcast about rock and roll is on the way, but I had to take a minute and let you know how the screenplay is coming along. I have completed about 2/3's of the script and I must say.....I am really excited about what I have. It is absolutely the best thing I have ever done artistically. The working title is "AMERICAN STAR". I had mentioned last year on this blog that this title held sentimental appeal to me...for this was the title of a rock opera which I wrote with my first rock group back in the early 70's. When I receive the inevitable question that every screenwriter is asked when they reveal that they are writing a screenplay, "What's it about" is what I say.
American Star is the story of a young kid growing up in the 60's and 70's, who has a life long ambition to become a rock star and even though he has had a difficult life (he never knew his real parents and grew up in a series of abusive foster homes) his perseverance is rewarded by becoming one of the biggest rock stars of the 1970's. This is the story of the excesses of the rock star life in a time when sex, drugs, and rock and roll was a "Good Thing". But even so, fame and fortune still do not guarantee happiness and this guy's journey about finding what really is important in life is the main plot of this story.
That's the long version. Usually when I am asked "what's it about", I say....
I want to make "THE ROCK AND ROLL ROCKY".. I know that sounds kind of trite and silly, but....I really do want to accomplish two things with my movie.
#1. To show what it was really like, being a rock star in the 70's, when "Being a Rock star" really meant something.
And #2. I want this story to make the audience fall in love with these characters and care about what happens to them!
Stay Tuned...I will be posting some excerpts from the screenplay very soon.

Peace, Jarvy.......Feb 2008

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