Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Redwalls / Another of Rock's Best Kept Secrets

In this day of digital everything it's rare to find the real deal. As I heard John say in an interview, you don't make records anymore, you assemble them. Well....The Redwalls are thr real deal. The problem is, they made 3 amazing records and never really found success. The biggest break they had was when they were invited to join Oasis on their Summer 2005 UK tour. Chicagoans Logan Baren, his bassist brother Justin started the band in 2001. I would start with their first record "Universal Blues".... as your introduction to this amazing band. It just pisses me off that the music biz is so fucked up that a band like this never "made it" and then you guys like Justin BEAVER' making millions and kids have no idea whats really good music. It is not all like that....there are young kids who know what the real deal is. And the internet is a place where you can find bands like The Redwalls if you know where to look. Check this out! Logan Baren could be the illegitimate love child of Lennon and Dylan (if that was possible). Jarvy gives all 3 albums 5 stars!
The Redwalls- "Game of Love"
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