Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Jarvys Cafe' is About Music Education!

I have been writing in this Blog for over 3 years and I still do not have many readers. One reason is that there are so many choices of blogs to read, that finding an audience is a very difficult task. And number two is that the title of the Blog post usually contains the Artist the Blogger is talking about and titles are a very big part of how Google rates your if you are talking about Rihanna, then you have a shot of a lot of dumb kids clicking on your link, but if you talk about a great band like Watershed, then forget it, you will be lucky to have 5 people visit your Blog. But you know what, that does not deter Jarvy.......we are going to keep writing and trying to educate people (especially young people) about what GOOD MUSIC really is. Watershed is a band from Columbus Ohio who has been banging out some of the greatest Rock and Roll of the 20th
Century and has been doing it for over 20 years!! Talk about preserverance!!
You must check them out. They have a Brand New Album called "American Muscle" YOUR EDUCATION STARTS HERE!!!

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